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Sophie Vandenbiggelaar

Is an Illustrator / Artist based in the Vancouver area (Canada) 

Hi There! I am a multi-media and interdisciplinary artist - with a research focused approach. Inspired by the ability art has to express thoughts and feelings unlike anything else, my artwork is both self care and a connection to others. I am passionate about equality in life and art. I hope my art speaks to you.


I’m open to collaborations and new projects, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg


Latest Group Exhibitions

Simon Fraser University :

Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology

Extended Minor in Fine Art

Social Justice Certificate 

Presentations / Articles



Together: Communities of Healing

Because We are Girls

Surrey Art Gallery 


STICKY: Post it show

Wet City Hot Art 

Elizabeth Carefoot: Eccentric Abstractions - Surrey Art Gallery An Open Book

Online Publication 2021

Entangled Embodiment Constructed Gender and Space

-SFU FCAT Conference 2016, 2017

Relational Aesthetics in Museum Spaces

- Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Convention Vancouver 2016


HOLLOW for Landmarks 150+

Stanley Park - Vancouver 


Is This What It Is? 

Capture Photography Festival, WoodWard's

Hatch Gallery UBC


REST - Online ArtZine

With Intentions

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